Monday, 14 April 2014

Baia Bags S/S - Dreams Do Come True

I appropriately titled this with the tag line "Dreams do come true" because Baia's Spring / Summer collection is just that... Each bag is made by hand in England by one truly talented lady who really is there to make your bag dreams come true. The designs are style classics, the finishing touches are chic and the quality; other-worldly. Each bag is made with you in mind, because your mind can literally be the one that makes it. 

I will get right down to the cookie, because these are indeed a treat... the new collection is themed around mouth watering pastel colours consisting of a delicious Lavendar, refreshing Teal, classically tasting Pinks, dreamy Blues and the ever so on trend crisp White, and for those of us who like to feast on Black, the collection features it in Leather, Faux Croc, and Suede. I don't think there is anything Baia hasn't thought of this season. And if they haven't thought of it, you better go tell them, because the cherry on top of all of this cake is that they are customisable, YOU choose the Colour, YOU choose the Lining, YOU choose the Style, YOU choose between white or black Leather strap and Silver or Gold Trimmings.  

And if none of this is really tickling your fancy, then I suggest you should purchase one simply because the Owner, come Designer, come Maker is an absolute dream herself. I have never met a nicer talent, who I truly believe deserves recognition and support just for being such a wonderful human being, and let's not forget the fact that she is indeed an Independent British Designer.

Having come into physical contact with each and every stylish specimen I only wish I could appropriately sound out the noises I would associate with the encounter, and hope I was a fitting accessory. But alas, I think I am finished verbally licking bottom... Let's get to the pictures, which will most likely do Baia more justice since Leanne Lim-Walker was the talent behind the image making.
You may wish to proceed with a hanky because these bags have been known to promote excess dribbling.

Photography - Leanne Lim-Walker

Now I know what you are all thinking... You modelled the collection so of course you would be one to rave, but please do not let that deceive you. I am one extremely fussy bag consumer and have never purchased a bag that I did not truly feel would benefit me and my wardrobe. I am an old fashioned lady when it comes to my handbags and believe in one true love... bags are the only thing I have never obsessively shopped for, I can not remember when I last searched for handbags in my internet history, and I'm pretty sure my computer would tell you the same. My collection, before Baia came into my life, consisted of a classic black vintage beauty and a timeless tan satchel by Zatchels, so it is to my surprise that I have joined the bag lady revolution and need to own more than a practical share of arm candy.

Thank you to Susy, Miss Baia Bags herself, and Leanne Lim-Walker for crafting each photo x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

OOTD #10 | Minkpink Velvet

My first ever Minkpink number and it's a beaut aaaand, to top it all off it was on sale on and I thought dreams only occurred whilst you were dreaming tehe.

I could of paired this dress with the obvious, keeping it within the realms of the glamorous, but being me I felt I would stick on a pair of Converse for comfort and to add another casual element a distressed denim jacket and leather satchel. I also mixed it up a bit by tucking in the shoulder strap of the bag to create a structured clutch. With this outfit I really liked playing around with fabrics, the soft and figure hugging velvet with the harsh structure of denim. Although this outfit is very casual I wanted to keep it chic, and feel teaming it with a clutch would help emphasise the felinity of the dress, but being a satchel it would also be in keeping with the casualness of the jacket and footwear. I didn't go wild with the accessories as I liked the simplicity of the details of the outfit itself, but it doesn't have to shy away from the accessorised, it would still be a delight.

I absolutely adore this dress, it's extremely versatile and will be a perfect 'British' summer dress (I did appear to get a bit warm in the Thai sun) But as we know in England you always need to consider a cool breeze, so the velvet and turtle neck features are key. Although very form fitting this dress has a split at the centre back to make walking as easy as ever. I'm not sure if this dress it supposed to be as cropped as it is on me, however I am so pleased it is because it makes it that bit more versatile, if it was dragging on the floor it wouldn't be as willing to convert to the casual.

So I shall stop running on about how fabulous this item is and let you guys see for yourselves...

Dress - Minkpink A/W13
Denim Jacket - Topshop S/S13
Clutch - Zatchels A/W12
Sneakers - Converse

Photographic credits go to my love Bertie Buck.
Location - Thailand

Thank you for reading, hope you have a splendid weekend x

Friday, 28 February 2014

Selected Femme

Currently sat in Dubai airport killing 7 hours until my flight back to the UK... when it dawned on me I still have 3 more outfits from what I wore in thailand to post, and now is better then ever to reveal number one of the series of photos I roped the ole boyfriend into taking... so let's get into it.

Luckily for me Bertie is a bmxer who also takes pleasure in taking photos of the sport, however I did have to specifically ban any form of wide angle lens leading me to pair him with my 5D mkii dolled up with a 50mm lens. Again, another casual number, this Selected Femme sheer button up maxi dress makes the most amazing summer layer. I'm inclined to say it would look dreamy poking out underneath a longline leather gilet (Note to self: must purchase one) and with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's. For comfort I tucked my tootsies into my converse, and slipped on a little basic lbd number from Missguided. Something like this can be played around with for eons, it's such a versatile piece that has allowed me to wear it over and over without committing that age old fashion sin... 'wearing the same outfit twice' oh me oh my! 

I clearly am going to be featuring this necklace a million times because it's just awesome, and makes every outfit complete, nothing will ever look boring again with that around my giraffe neck... certainly beats a cleavage any day in my opinion, purely because it's removable and makes a delightful jingle sound when played with... which just tickles me so :\

And in true Thai fashion it seems, if you don't like the outfit the background provides a some what aesthetic appeal, I just think Thai writing is the most beautiful of all languages,but this could be me cheating at playing favourites. 

Sheer Maxi - Selected Femme
Bodycon Dress -
Necklace - Chiang Mai Market
Sneakers - Converse

Photography - Bertie Buck

Thank you for reading x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Under Wraps

This post is not for celebrating Valentine's day but an excuse for me to share my passion for a delightful  selection of bras. Basically, I'm not the best at discovering new brands of clothing, but I have a bit of a habit seeking out some darned good lingerie brands… and since it's Valentine's day, there is no better time to enhance your underwear collection, whether it be cliche for your pleasure or another's.

If you are like me, which in many ways I hope you are not, there is something about wearing a sensual looking bra and attractive pair of knickers (is it just me or does anyone else cringe at every word there is for your bottom underoos)  that just makes a girl feel good, for me it's like a little secret I have with myself whilst I'm out and about, that under my everyday clothes there is something delightful gently concealing my ladyhood.

To me the meaning of the word Lingerie is aesthetic focused, and the meaning of underwear focuses on practicality. So here is a selection of Lingerie brands that I can't resist repeatedly peeping at…

I will start with a British designer to keep to my roots. I actually purchased the Westminster brief several years ago, when I was feeling very flash with my cash, and they have to be the spiciest thing I own, however I will admit to you that I have only worn these a few times, but think the braces look super under a sheer blouse. As far as lingerie goes, Nicole De Carle has to be one of my most desirable brands. And hopefully these picks show you why.

Opal Balconette Bra (GBP147.00)

Is an Australian brand, and I am just head over heels for this bra, there isn't much I can say about it really as I feel it's one of those pieces that just speaks for itself. I will lightly suggest though that this is most probably more suitable for it's visuals then it's practicality, but that's what this post is all about. 

Fluer of England (AUD160.00)

Just across the waters in New Zealand this brand was consummated. I adore the delicacy of their designs, they have a structure but not in a pompous way, I am inclined to say they mimic the female form, structured but soft. Eventhough these examples are sheer they don't bare too much of a sexual nature, and simply emphasise femininity at it's best.

Cyd Softcup Bra (NZD85.00)
Lux Cutout Bra (NZD90.00)

For Love and Lemons
These examples strongly express sexuality but also the demure. They both work well as an accessory to any outfit, no one would be ashamed of showing these two beauties off. It has a confidence without being arrogant, an in your face approach but with delicacy. These pieces, I feel play with contradictions in a sexy and endearing way. This American born brand also designs clothing, which just makes them even better.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies, and thank you for reading xxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Thai Streets

Whilst Leanne was keeping me company at the beginning of my 3 month holiday I took full advantage of her… uber nifty photography skills. This is the last shoot we did together, and I think in this case I saved the best for last. 

I just love the village scape in Thailand, in many ways it's minimal, but on the other hand it is jam packed full of goodies. From nature to concrete, there are so many different elements that you rarely see in modern village/town's. If I was to put a link to the outfit and location, it will have to be the use of different materials within the two. I combined this sassy leather mini with an oversized floral lace tee and a chunky metal necklace, with a soft canvas sneaker (converse). I like to keep the colours and patterns quite neutral with my outfits, but enjoy mixing textures and fabrics, to make it appear more interesting. Therefore, I would say if you were to style it for the Winter add an oversized longline denim gilet and throw on a shearling coat. It would be impractical to wear heels in this environment as the ground is slightly unpredictable and varied, but this outfit can be easily made for those party streets by simply adding a chunky platform. 

Just to prove my point that this outfit works super well as an assortment of materials I threw in a  cuddle with the cutest pooch at the end. So if you didn't like this outfit hopefully that gave you something to smile about.

T-Shirt - Topshop (S/S13)
Leather Mini - Asos (A/W13)
Sneakers - Converse
Necklace - Chiang Mai Market
Pomeranian - My Auntie's.

Photography - Leanne Lim-Walker


Thanks for reading x

Friday, 24 January 2014

OOTD #8 | Urban Jungle

Excuse the horrid name, but this outfit is one of those that just says on the tin. I'm absolutely adoring these AA shorts, as you can most probably tell (next time they will be excluded from the line up, promise) they are just super comfy and really work my holiday moves. They make an especially good team with my Dr. Martens Leather rucksack, which is a travel 'must' in my imaginary style book… say no more to that off balanced achey shoulder (although I did over pack it a bit and it left some lovely symmetrical shoulder wounds behind, oops). 

Keeping the tradition alive I sported a simple look to keep it practical for those touristing days, adding a teeny dash of razzle with a few gold rings to help me keep track of my heat swollen sausage fingers. The open back Cheap Monday top is a Summer's dream, as it keeps you covered spicily but wards off that hot hot heat, especially with that rucksack all up on your backs business. If you fancy seeing this outfit in motion and my feet, it is part of my Holiday Lookbook that I just uploaded on Youtube :-) Over there this outfit is seasoned with a Fedora and Converse.

Top - Cheap Monday
Shorts - American Apparel
Leather Backpack - Dr.Martens
Chunky Band Rings -
Delicate Midi's and Thumb Ring - Shop Dixi

Thank you for reading x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

OOTD #7 | Wanderer

Next door lives my Aunt who owns an intriguing garden, almost otherworldly. Even though it is what landscapers would most probably call 'wild' I like to call rustic, and strangely elegant. It's filled with Banana, Pau pau and many other exotic fruit trees and has small areas that  are almost abandoned with old fallen tree trunks but with purpose. It isn't the biggest garden, but it is a space that feels very solitary and peaceful, a place for your mind to wander beautifully.

I threw together  an outfit that encompasses both my feminine and masculine taste, ok there are no strong tailored shapes and silhouettes which would usually be associated with masculinity within womenswear, however by wearing a dress, I don't think my harsh facial features can pull off a total 'girly' look so when I whip out a particularly feminine garment like a little A-Line number, I like to involve a less refined item, such as this acid wash oversized denim jacket. By no means could I ever call myself a tomboy,  I just feel that the 'pretty girl' thing doesn't fully work for me. Don't get me wrong I love femininity, but if I go for it then I keep the colours very neutral and true to form very simple.

Anyway back to the outfit. To ensure you don't look too much like mutton dressed as lamb, because yes I am a girl and I would like to look like one, I threw on my Vagabond heeled chelsea boots, another masculine style but with a women's touch, see where I'm going with this :-) And finally the fedora hat, there really is no reason why I have put this with this outfit, (dangerously playing the game; wearing things just because…) I just like it, and I feel it brings all the pieces together nicely so they are all telling the same story, which must be something I look for in an outfit :\

Dress - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Topshop
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Vagabond
Watch - Michael Kors


Thank you for reading x