Monday, 15 September 2014

A dash of Autumn

It's that time again, where one must always don a jacket, and what better colour to welcome Autumn than military green; this soft crepe jacket is my favourite cover up at the moment as it adds a flow and colour to my reoccurring monochrome wardrobe. I just love a good leather item, they always seem to 'edge' up an outfit, and add a crisp and clean line, and to contradict this, a classic White Tee is a fail safe that will get you through pretty much any occasion, (Just remember to restrict all liquid intake to clear fluids, but that's only applying it to those who may be clumsy and not have that whole cup to mouth thing dialled like me). I kept this quite matchy, matchy with my true delight Baia Rucksack and chunky Vagabond Dioon Chelsea bootays. and to compliment the jacket I added a spicy red lip and gold watch, as for me those colours make one joyous complimentary triangle with that green. Ramblings over... let's make it visual.

Topshop - Jacket + White Tee
Asos - Leather Mini
BaiaBags - Backpack
Michael Kors -Watch
Vagabond - Boots
Primark - Socks
Illamasqua - Liable Lipstick

Photography - Always by the beautifully talented Leanne Lim-Walker

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Very Fearne

Myself and Leanne were lucky enough to be invited to Fearne Cotton x VeryUK SS15 Collection Fashion Show Launch party, wow what a mouthful... Let me set the scene for you, One Marylebone; a palatial building, Paparazzi, fire pits either side of staircase to entrance, selection of wine served upon immediate arrival, into a darkly pastel lit room filled with your actual Tanya Burr's, Gok Wan's and some of the MIC rabble to name just a few, and yonder closed curtains to which we all look in anticipation to see what lies behind.

After a bit of the ole Tete a Tete, the curtains were opened and we were welcomed by a literal glittering catwalk with a circus-esque demeanour about the room, we all piled in with excitement, to be seated with the knowledge that the wait was almost over. Then as the lights dimmed, a performer steps out from behind the screen positioning himself in a central position, he lights his magical stick both ends and sparks begin to fly, as he motions it round and round, up and down, as he exits, the fashion begins to pour, one model after the other, in an array of outfits to suit all, encapsulating classic shapes, with snazzy prints. On that note here are just a few snaps I managed to take, as I discovered that vlogging and taking a manually exposed photo was near impossible (best grow some extra arms ready for text time)...

After the Spectacular, us Fearne fans stood around waiting to get our cheeky #FearneSelfie and our chance to babble about our "exceedingly good" (Thanks Mr.Kipling) opinions of the show. Here's mine... Enjoy (Huge thanks to Fearne's friend Jacq who enjoyed my locks and introduced us, and Leanne for just being super fabulous and always getting me involved).

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To simply watch the adventure, head on over to my youtube channel :-) 

Friday, 29 August 2014

That Fringing Feeling

I really appreciate a statement piece, and love styling my outfit around one item, it makes for a very easy morning... my tip is focus on one item and team it with complimentary items that help make it stand out.

My recently purchased suede fringing jacket from Zara [£129.00] was a must wear for my trip to the Urban Decay 'Pulp Fiction' cosmetics event in London. Although this jacket is like asking for a whopping invitation to a rodeo, I was inspired by the 'monochrome trend' to keep it chic and to help emphasise it's unique and everyday wearability. Teaming "out-there" items with something simple brings it into my comfort zone, but also hints at my more than quirky side. Newly single, I have started to think about how my clothes and outfit choices express my personality, which in my eyes, is demure and shy, with a big dollop of goof. What do your clothes and how you style them say about you?

Jacket | Zara [A/W14]
Shirt | Vila
Shoes | Topshop
Rucksack | Baia bags
Rings | Accesorize and Pond Silvertown Chiang Mai

Photography credit | Leanne Lim-Walker 
[who knows how to make me look like a much better version of myself]

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Monday, 19 May 2014


For those of you who aren't much of a reader, I have released the video on Youtube, for your peepers pleasure or displeasure in some cases. This month not too many but a few delights were purchased, all of which have been worn most probably a bit too much to be fashionably acceptable, since they left the store in my "capable" hands. But I am all about those items that can be styled and worn in different ways for many times, desperately trying to set those one wear item days behind me. 

So this month I finally found myself a magnificent fitting pair of Mom Jeans from that special place called Topshop and I also jumped on the pastel trend with a little knitted crop number in pastel blue, (which really reminds me of my Nan, but she's a dear so there is no 'deal' there just love). And another Topshop goodie was a pair of shoes that I purchased along with 2 other pairs, finally deciding those were the one for me and my cropped/tapered trouser buys. I also thought I would venture outside of those Topshop walls and treat my top half to a pretty little cami from asos and snazzy crop top from American apparel. 

If you follow me on the wonders of instagram (@jacqboulton) you would definitely know that I won the Khacha Anklet form Haati Chai, whose jewellery I just can not keep my peepers off... or body... this will be explained further next month :-)

And if Fashion isn't on the top of your list, I also bought in bulk more Klorane dry Shampoo with Nettle extract as I found it on Escentuals and had this overwhelming fear that bad hair would proceed if I didn't purchase more then one bottle. I couldn't resist snapping up that oh so Glorious YSL Touche Eclat, which may I say does work miracles. and to top all of April's buys off, my sister financially aided me in getting my hands on the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 which is now permanently attached to my camera hand. 

Topshop Open toe boots (£72) – Sorry, no longer online :-(
True to size

True to size, Leg 34"

Advised to size down if, like myself fried eggs sit where your chest should be (Remember models rarely have big boobs my friends)

True to size
Camera + 4x Film packages + 2x AA Batteries

Won these through an instagram competition, blog post on Haati Chai jewellery to come.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Motel Rocks

So this post needs no witty title, because the brand name says it all :-) A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Motel Rocks Blogger event hosted in London, to preview their new collection, which I must say features many nifty little get-ups to rock out in. 

Before I lose myself in verbal chatter about the clothes, this event was a social delight, I finally met the beautiful Olivia Emily, hung out with high streets fashion finest Amy Valentine and of course Leanne Lim-Walker. Not only were there visual and social servings, but Motel also tended to our hearing and taxing senses with Live music and a happy serving of Malibu cocktails, fresh popcorn and candy floss. 

Ok, now onto the main course, the new collection, which in my opinion encapsulates that summer feeling and those 90s vibes (Although I'm still slightly 'Clueless' as to the fast turn around of this decades trend, but that's for another time). Motel has truly embraced all that is fabulous, and all that is everyone and anyone by featuring snazzy two-pieces, funky florals, and that much loved sunflower print, swimwear, feminine silhouettes , and what I like to call business prints with houndstooth and small box checks. To summarise Motels new collection showcases itself as a fun loving brand, full of youthful extravagance and versatility. 

The following polaroids document some of my favourite pieces... do you think I'm pulling them off? 
I specifically like this white square burn out midi skirt, it has a chic feminine story but wouldn't shy away from a bit of tom boy vamping.

Thank you to Motel for hosting such a lovely event, inviting me along to experience it and peep on all your lovely new garms, some of which are now online.

All links in bold
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Thursday, 24 April 2014


We all know about the infamous LBD; that quintessential number, wardrobe must-have, fashion classic, the 'Little Black Dress'. I think it is safe to assume we all own one, or if you are like me, many! So you are all most probably wondering why I've dedicated a blog post to such a piece so late in the game...I have recently become a curious kitten about fashion staples that stay on-trend season upon season, and I thought that there was no better place to start then with the ALMIGHTY.

I have selected this delectable piece by SANDRO (Yes, I am aware it is not the most affordable, but I think when investing in a staple item it is important to look at the longevity of the piece you are buying) This number was found on the Selfridges website with the not so appealing price tag of £175.00. If I was to tot up all the LBD's I own in my wardrobe though I'm pretty sure they would top the cost of this. So here's where I am rectifying my Fashion mistakes... When investing in a Staple piece go for simplicity and versatility, this dress is just so dreamy because it is fitted but has a loose cropped layer, which in itself creates variables. Below you will see the beauty in all it's glory, and I think you will agree it is a real treat indeed, making it super easy for me to style in 4 different ways, and could I of continued if my love of cutting and pasting had not hindered.



1. Leatherette Tee BY Missguided | To be worn over the dress 2. Domino Check Jacket BY Jovonna (£70.00)  3. Classic 373 BY New Balance (£49.99) 4. Rucksack BY Baia Bags (£145.00) | Handmade and Made to your specifications


I really hope this post has inspired you to style your Little Black Dress in as many ways as possible, I'm certainly going to start thinking more carefully about the 'Staples' I buy, to ensure they can be worn throughout all the seasons, without looking tired.

(Disclosure | All items have been hand selected by myself and myself alone, ALL LINKS IN BOLD)
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Baia Bags S/S - Dreams Do Come True

I appropriately titled this with the tag line "Dreams do come true" because Baia's Spring / Summer collection is just that... Each bag is made by hand in England by one truly talented lady who really is there to make your bag dreams come true. The designs are style classics, the finishing touches are chic and the quality; other-worldly. Each bag is made with you in mind, because your mind can literally be the one that makes it. 

I will get right down to the cookie, because these are indeed a treat... the new collection is themed around mouth watering pastel colours consisting of a delicious Lavendar, refreshing Teal, classically tasting Pinks, dreamy Blues and the ever so on trend crisp White, and for those of us who like to feast on Black, the collection features it in Leather, Faux Croc, and Suede. I don't think there is anything Baia hasn't thought of this season. And if they haven't thought of it, you better go tell them, because the cherry on top of all of this cake is that they are customisable, YOU choose the Colour, YOU choose the Lining, YOU choose the Style, YOU choose between white or black Leather strap and Silver or Gold Trimmings.  

And if none of this is really tickling your fancy, then I suggest you should purchase one simply because the Owner, come Designer, come Maker is an absolute dream herself. I have never met a nicer talent, who I truly believe deserves recognition and support just for being such a wonderful human being, and let's not forget the fact that she is indeed an Independent British Designer.

Having come into physical contact with each and every stylish specimen I only wish I could appropriately sound out the noises I would associate with the encounter, and hope I was a fitting accessory. But alas, I think I am finished verbally licking bottom... Let's get to the pictures, which will most likely do Baia more justice since Leanne Lim-Walker was the talent behind the image making.
You may wish to proceed with a hanky because these bags have been known to promote excess dribbling.

Photography - Leanne Lim-Walker

Now I know what you are all thinking... You modelled the collection so of course you would be one to rave, but please do not let that deceive you. I am one extremely fussy bag consumer and have never purchased a bag that I did not truly feel would benefit me and my wardrobe. I am an old fashioned lady when it comes to my handbags and believe in one true love... bags are the only thing I have never obsessively shopped for, I can not remember when I last searched for handbags in my internet history, and I'm pretty sure my computer would tell you the same. My collection, before Baia came into my life, consisted of a classic black vintage beauty and a timeless tan satchel by Zatchels, so it is to my surprise that I have joined the bag lady revolution and need to own more than a practical share of arm candy.

Thank you to Susy, Miss Baia Bags herself, and Leanne Lim-Walker for crafting each photo x